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A, a deep understanding of the significance of the promotion

        With the national "double carbon" goal in the field of construction, the new building energy-saving standards further improve, the performance index requirements of the building exterior insulation will be higher and higher. April 1, 2022 onwards, mandatory engineering construction specifications "building energy saving and renewable energy use general specifications" GB55015-2021 implementation, new building exterior insulation layer thickness increases, thin plaster exterior wall insulation system engineering quality by auxiliary materials, construction level, multiple processes and other factors have a greater impact, but also with the development of industrialized building requirements do not fit The promotion and application of building insulation structure integration technology has become the trend of construction technology transformation and upgrading. Building insulation structure integration is the insulation layer and the construction of the building structure synchronous construction completed construction technology, has the advantages of simple procedures, convenient construction, good safety performance, etc., to promote the green transformation of construction methods, promote the green low-carbon development of the building has important significance.

Second, the scope of time requirements

      In the province's new civil buildings to gradually promote the integration of building insulation structure technology. From January 1, 2023 onwards, new high-rise civil buildings in cities and towns should use the integration of insulation structure technology. From January 1, 2024 onwards, new civil buildings in cities and towns should be fully integrated with insulation technology.

Third, strict responsibility for the implementation of

(A) the implementation of the main responsibility of the construction unit

      Construction units in the new civil building projects commissioned design contract should be clear priority to use the integration of insulation technology. Design units should be new civil buildings using insulation structure integration technology for special design, clear its safety, fire, insulation and durability of technical indicators and node structure practices. Construction plan review agency should focus on the insulation structure integration system performance indicators, construction practices, energy-saving calculations, safety, fire prevention measures, etc. for review. The construction unit should prepare special construction plans for the integration of insulation structure, in strict accordance with the design and standard specification requirements for construction. Supervisory units should strengthen the quality control of the insulation structure integration materials, construction, acceptance and other aspects. Engineering quality inspection agency should be insulation structure integration system and supporting materials performance indicators for testing, test reports should be true.

(B) the implementation of the production enterprise quality responsibility

     Building insulation structure integration system material production enterprises should be responsible for the quality of insulation systems, materials, their insulation systems, materials, products, etc. should comply with relevant standards and specifications, the main components of the exterior wall insulation system should be provided when the product quality certificate, product factory inspection report, the type of inspection report within the validity period, etc.

Fourth, strengthen supervision and management

     Local housing and urban-rural construction authorities and engineering quality supervision agencies to attach great importance to the application of building insulation structure integration technology, strengthen the use of insulation structure integration technology of new civil building project design, construction plan review, construction, supervision, testing and other aspects of the process supervision, increase the quality of the construction unit behavior, physical quality and engineering information supervision and random inspection efforts, and urge the project involved in the construction unit strictly Implementation of project quality responsibility to ensure project quality and safety.

Five, active propaganda guidance

      All places should strengthen the study and promotion of building insulation structure integration technology, improve the understanding of the technology, enhance the awareness of the technology in the field of engineering, the organization of observation and training to enhance the technical level of practitioners. Actively guide the relevant production enterprises to upgrade, improve the technical level of building insulation structure integration system-related products, strict implementation of relevant technical standards to ensure product quality, to meet market demand, to ensure that the construction project structure safety, green construction, energy saving and environmental protection.